Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Postcards and a sign

Got some goodies in the mail today.  The postcards to the left and the sign below from VistaPrint, plus some new stamps, corks and olive oil bottle dispensers from Aftosa.

An established potter gave me some advice on the postcards.  She said to buy in bulk and place stickers on the back with sale info, etc as needed.  That way I can get a better price and not worry that I will have too much or not enough.
The new sign was purchased because the banner I got last spring was always wrinkled, no matter how I stored it. Check out the previous post to see what I am talking about. The color is hard to see in the photo, but it is a light green and should look good in the booth.

This past weekend I painted my pedestals and my chair in preparation for the show in Macon next week.  I want it to look it's best because I am setting up the whole display and hope to get a really good booth photo.  As stated before, I would like to try some new shows next year.

For the next two days I plan on glazing.  Yesterday I loaded the bisque kiln, started it and two hours into the firing I realized that I forgot my two show pieces (like the fruit bowl above)  I was so annoyed with myself, because I do not have any more pieces to fire an additional bisque load and won't be making anything else, possibly before Christmas depending on sales or if I get any special orders.    So........ for the first time ever, I am going to try to glaze without bisque firing first.  Cross your fingers.  If I am not a clutch it should theoretically work.  The piece is sprayed blue, then I remove the glaze from the details and re-paint the flowers, etc.

I have been very klutzy this week four different bowls and a teapot that I have done twice now were busted on the way to the bisque kiln.  And another bowl had a crack in the rim. AAARGH.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

CCM Pottery Festival Booth

Last Saturday I had a booth at the CCM Pottery Festival.  It was a good day.  The weather was great so I didn't need my tent.  I hung my indoor curtains on the fence behind the booth.  The customers were great.  I got good feedback and my favorite piece sold, which always makes me feel good.

This week I made my old standards, brie bakers, berry bowls, medium bowls and pear bowls.  Next week I will work on slab built pieces including more Grecian fruit bowls, teapots, salt shakers, butter dishes, etc.

The following week will be glazing for my next shows.

My next show is November 8-10 in Macon GA at the Christmas Made in the South.  I have done the Concord show the last few years but this year I waited too long to send in my application. I will be setting up my whole display for the first time, including curtained walls and lighting.  My hope is that I can get a good photo to apply to some different shows next year.

November 16th I will be at the Carolina Pottery Festival in Shelby, NC.  They have moved the show to the LeGrand Center, 1800 E. Marion St. as well as the date.

This week I also added some new items to my online shop, including some in the new eggplant purple and creamy yellow glazes.  I will keep adding items up til the second week in December.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Favorites

It's been awhile since I have posted.  I've been busy getting ready for the Clay Matters Pottery Festival that's coming up this Saturday October 12th.

The last two weeks I have been glazing new work and I am posting some photos of my favorites.  You can also check out a video HERE.

You can also see more photos on my Facebook page. HERE

The three pots above were made for a couple competitions I will be entering this week.  One for the Falling Rivers Gallery and one for the FUNKtion National 13 competition. The other one will be coming to the festival.
The pot to the left was made with pastry cutters and I made scenes.  The glazing turned out which made me happy because it took me quite a bit of time to glaze.  You never know until the piece comes out.  Often the glazing isn't what I had imagined.