Monday, July 26, 2010

South County Regional Library

Today I set up a few pieces of my pottery in a display case at the South County Regional Library in Charlotte.  Our guild was asked to display a few pieces in the case for the next month.  My pieces are the ones one the bottom shelf and the pitcher on the right on the middle shelf. 

This past weekend I had a booth at the Bele Chere Festival in Asheville, NC.  It was very hot, mid 90's, and humid. Met a lot of very nice people.  This festival is very large with lots of music and art.  If you are thinking of visiting Asheville in the summer, this is a great time to go.

I will be heading back out later to ship some custom orders that were finished last week. Starting tomorrow, I will be stocking up for my fall shows which begin at the end of September.

Another project I will be working on will be getting our guild website completely finished. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tyler White - Sizzling Summer Party

Tomorrow night some of my pieces will be featured at the Tyler White Gallery in Greensboro at their Sizzling Summer Party. The receptions is from 6-8. Regretfully, I will be unable to attend, as I will be at the Bele Chere Festival.

 I unloaded the kiln and the photo above are three pieces I finished and will be taking up to Bele Chere. The Twilight line does not photograph well, and looks better in person, but you get the drift. I also had three separate custom orders that I finished and will be busy packing and shipping them next week.  There were also a number of cracker dishes, since that was my big seller last weekend and I needed to restock.

As you can see I have added a facebook badge to my blog.  I encourage anyone that wants updates on Facebook to "like" New Day Pottery.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Handles

Made some more vases today.  I had a fun time putting on the handles and adding details. Vases are my favorite things to make.  I also made some handled platters and bowls.  Earlier I unloaded a glaze load and reloaded the kiln with a bisque load. The platter below was a nice piece from today's load.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Over 100 degrees out today.  Good thing I started early and finished before it hit 90 degrees.  I threw these pieces and altered them early today, and went out tonight to put on the handles.  I would have waited until morning but I didn't want them to dry to much.  I haven't been able to do quite as much the last few days due to the heat in my studio.  It is supposed to cool down after today, but not by much.  I would have started the bisque kiln, but didn't want to warm the place even more before tomorrows work.  I will probably start it after I finish tomorrow.  I have the Great American Pottery Festival next weekend to get ready for and the Bele Chere Festival the following weekend in Asheville.  I will need to do a few glaze loads this week to be ready.  I just loaded up a batch of pottery for an exhibit at the Tyler White Gallery in Greensoboro.  I will deliver them this weekend.  The show is not until later in the month. I am sending so many of my nice vases that I decided to make some today.  I will probably make some more tomorrow.  As much as I feel that I should be starting to stock up for the fall,  it seems that I am always running out of something.  This week it is the lobed pitchers & medium vases.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red Teapot

Have accomplished quite a bit today.  I threw 18 pots, trimmed them and unloaded the kiln. All before 1:30. Then I photographed the best pieces for the blog and photographed the sets I am considering for a show in Greensoboro, mid July.  I also need to respond to some emails relating to business. The teapot above is done in a glaze combination that I am trying out.  The pieces below are some favorites that came out of the kiln today.  I decided that since the whole family is out doing there own thing today that I would work.  Monday we are having a family reunion for my husbands side of the family and I won't be able to work then.  I have been a bit of a slacker lately due to the heat but today it was pretty pleasant out.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th

Today I unloaded the kiln. These pieces were my favorites. Just a coincidence that they look like 4th of July dishes.  I had made the platter a while back and finally decided what glaze I wanted to do it in. The creamer was an experiment to be like the squished pitcher I make.  I loaded up the kiln with another glaze load, so tomorrow there should be more photos of finished work. It has been cooler here(high 80's), so glazing has been very pleasant.  Not sure what my plans for the weekend are, so don't know how much work will get done.